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According to Decree 169/2008 of July 22nd of the Government of the Canary Islands, Degree studies must include a period of external practices with a duration of not less than 12 credits, these can refer to a wide range of activities but must contribute to develop skills that promote the occupation of future graduates.

For its part, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria establishes the Regulation of External Practices of this University published in the BOULPGC 7/2011 of July 4 which contains the basic guidelines related to the definition, development, internal and external tutoring, presentation, evaluation and administrative management of external practices of both Degree and Master, Doctorate and own degrees.

External practices are activities carried out by students in companies, institutions and organizations, which aim to enrich and complement their university education, while providing them with a deeper understanding of the skills they will need once they have graduated.

The following provides access to a help guide for the student in which all the possible circumstances that may occur when taking this subject are classified:

Student's guide to the subject

Summary of the Business Practice Regulations

Information about degrees

Information regarding the different degrees taught at the EIIC and what can be indicative when selecting a student for company internships.

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Internship Coordinators

Professors Degree Mail
Gerardo Martín Lorenzo (Subd. de Prácticas de Empresa y Comunicación) sub_pecil@eiic.ulpgc.es
Asunción González Rodríguez Civil asuncion.gonzalez@ulpgc.es
Pilar Romero López Geomática pilar.romero@ulpgc.es
Antonio Vera Castellano Química antonio.vera@ulpgc.es
Octavio José Montelongo Martín Naval octavio.montelongo@ulpgc.es
Cristina Roca González Organización Industrial cristina.roca@ulpgc.es
Norberto Angulo Rodríguez Electricidad norberto.angulo@ulpgc.es
Pilar Romero López Diseño Industrial pilar.romero@ulpgc.es
Rubén Paz Hernández Mecánica ruben.paz@ulpgc.es
Sebastián Ovidio Pérez Química Industrial antonio.vera@ulpgc.es
Aurelio Vega Martinez Electrónica y Automática aurelio.vega@ulpgc.es